So, your machine has slowed down to the point of being hard to use? You get a cup of coffee, while your machine boots, and then it still isn't done when you get back? PC's get infected, it is not if, it is when. I always take precautions to stay away from germs and people who are sick, I also take vitamins and try to take care of myself but, alas, sometimes I get sick. Your PC is no different, there are numerous ways that a machine can get infected and they literally change and evolve everyday. There is no way to prevent infections, the best way to deal with them is to be pro-active and vigilante when it comes to keeping your machine clean.

We do this all the time so I am going to give you a basic "walk through" on how we clean a machine. Start by booting into "Safe Mode"

  1. Boot into safe mode with networking.

  2. Once you are up in safe mode you have to go to Google and search for the following;

  3. ​Run each program in the order above​ and let them complete. Some just run but and some want to install, Malwarebytes you need to install. Some might ask you to reboot, if they ask you want to do it but remember to make sure that you come back up in Safe Mode.

  4. After running all the programs listed above try booting the machine into regular mode and see how it runs.

  5. Check each browser that you have installed on your machine and remove and strange or unknown add-ons. Also check your search engine and make sure that only the search engine that you want to use is actually installed in each browser. 

  6. At this point you may want to look through your list of installed programs and make sure that anything that is suspicious is removed.

  7. Now you also need to make sure that your Windows Updates are done, at least the critical updates, and that they are working. Go to "Windows Updates" and check to make sure.

This is an overall summary of how to remove infections and get a machine working again. You will have to adapt to your operating system version ( Windows XP, 7, 8, 81. 10, etc ) and you will also have to deal with specific programs that you might have installed.

Also keep in mind that after you clean the machine you also can have other issues that are beyond the scope of this conversation.

Understand that there is usually a free version of software and also a Pay version. I recommend using the free version until you know you like the software and then go to the pay version.

If you get stuck at anytime on this and need a little help give me a call and I will me glad to help you as long as I am not in the middle of something.

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