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A small, hard-working consulting firm based in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. Serving Blair County.
Established in 2001. we hit 
the ground running with our direct approach to innovative solutions. Small to mid size businesses, homeowners, large companies with large area needs. we focus on unique and empowering opportunities to resolve your technology issues!
Dave Moses

Dave has worked in the Tech industry since 1987 when he started working with Drew Allan Kaplan in Canoga Park, Ca with DAK Industries and started Dave Moses Technology Services (DMTech) in 2001 when he left a world wide manufacturing company. The premise was to help smaller companies and homeowners be able to really leverage technology to be able to be truly more productive.

"When I left **** I left because the corporate culture alienated me. I felt like the people who were doing all the work were not appreciated and I did not want to be involved in that type of structure any longer. I had always gotten a lot of calls from people in my church asking for help with their PCs. My wife and I decided that there were churches all over the area that were filled with people that needed help and we wanted to be the ones to help them."

Nick Frederick
Technical Consultant

Nick has been working in technology for his entire working career. He is very adept at thinking "outside the box" to develop and implement technology solutions that utilize the tools that are available. He is very people oriented and works very well in a team to define needs and envision solutions that allow users and management to feel comfortable with their technology processes.

Nick lives in Altoona with his wife and 4 children and has been employed at DMTech for over 15 years. Nick has worked hard to stay on the cutting edge of technology and envelopes himself in tech almost 24/7. Nick can create solutions that others can never even see/

Seth Ohler
Technical Consultant

Seth has just started his technology career with Dave Moses Technology Services Inc. A recent high school graduate and from Windber Pennsylvania; Seth has taught himself multiple programming languages (JavaScript and HTML) and is passionate about hard work, self-studying, and hands-on learning. Seth's interest with technology was sparked at a young age playing video games, wanting to know how they worked, and what went into making them; and tearing apart electronics, seeing how they physically functioned.


As a technician of DMTech, Seth will make every effort to get your machines and network functioning to their fullest potential.



  • Over 50 years of combined experience

  • QS9000 Certified

  • HIPAA Compliancy

  • All different facets of business.

  • Interfaces to and from data sources.

  • SQL, Oracle, Access management.

  • Multi User Management and Security.

  • Multi Server Environments

  • CIsco Certified Instructor


At DMTech we work to create solutions that are creative results of attained and implemented knowledge. We take our experience and work to define strategies that are outside the norm to help to define and sustain a productive, secure, structured workflow that can help your employees to become more productive with their jobs. This allows you to ficus on what you do rather then always trying to get your tech to behave the way you expect that it should.



At DMTech we stand by our commitment to provide a service based on the needs of our clients, not on what is popular or what the "buzzword" of the moment is. We offer evaluations and will come to your office to discuss what we can do to help you and your workforce to become more efficient and to increase your overall productivity.


We work with small to large businesses in the same fashion, defining what really works and not what someone feels they need to sell. I believe that technology works when it works, it is that simple. This belief is based on the single principle that you cannot replace the human element with a machine. We strive to become a trusted partner so that we can help your business move into the future with strong technology that empowers you to achieve your goals.

 “Dave Moses Technologies has been an important partner in our company’s success and evolution.  They understand our business.  Over the years they have shown the ability to provide solutions to our problems.  When we encounter a problem that needs immediate attention, we can count on them to show up quickly and resolve the problem.  The fact that we can outsource these services to a company we trust gives us piece of mind and allows us to focus on what we do best.”

Christopher Swindell, Foster F. Wineland, General Manager

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