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I believe in the connection that humans develop, I believe that relationships are the only thing that really matter in this world. With that in mind we work to build trust and faith, that we will help you to accomplish your goals and that we will be there to help when you need us!
IT services for Libraries
Hollidaysburg Area Public Library

DMTech has been a partner with the Hollidaysburg Area Public Library for the last 7 years. We helped to define the technology that has become the new Library. Designed to be cutting edge and also to be user friendly enough to be a viable part of the everyday lives of the people of our community. We work with the Library and the patrons of the library to help those who need it.

Learning and understanding come with practice!

I often have people ask me about certification and whether we keep up with training. I answer by stating the truth, we are very busy and really don't have the time to train in the the traditional sense, But everyday we train, because of our love of tech and our work ethic, we put in all the time necessary to build strong core understandings of complicated technology and systems. Both Nick and I have been in this field for many years. I have held Cisco, Novell, Microsoft, and A+ hardware certifications over the years and have just recently begun to let them lapse. The reason why is that I quickly found out that the training you just finished is obsolete by the time you get it. This field evolves so quickly that we have become very well versed in the art of learning. Having a very strong understanding of the components of tech makes it much easier to move forward with the understanding of new systems and strategies. We live "Outside the Box" and will continue to move forward at the speed of Tech (light!).

The Ugly Truth about Security is that it is not Real!


I have worked in I.T. for over 25 years. I have seen things come and I have seen them go. When you look at the companies that get hacked, they spend huge amounts of money on Security. The problem is that everyone plays "In the Box", what I mean by that is that companies buy products that are very expensive but are available to anyone! At DMTech we work to develop Security strategies that are not confined to a boxed solution that every hacker in the world has access to. We incorporate a creative, unique solution to ensure that your privacy, data and systems are safe from prying eyes and evil doers. The best form of security comes in the form of knowledge, understanding what people are looking for and avoiding what is presumed as "common". Call me to see what we can offer you to secure your most valuable digital assets.

But we ran our backups every night!


Over the past 25 years I have witnessed what happens when a company believes that they are backing up their crucial data. You have all seen it, heard about it or witnessed it first hand. You go to recover from some type of disaster only to find that the last good backup you have is from 6 months ago, or worse then that none of them actually work! Data Protection and data loss prevention are two of the things that are crucial to any functioning business. You have to be able to verify that your backup is working and you have to understand the implications of what can happen if it is not. At DMTech we have encountered every type of backup system available, we have developed backup Philosophies that ensure that your system is recoverable with the backup system you have. It is "Thinking outside the Box" that enables us to provide bulletproof solutions to one of the most common problems in modern technology, will my backup work?

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