After being in the same location, under the same name for over 15 years we have worked with quite a few local businesses. We also understand the needs of the community and also provide homeowner services. In an effort to promote technology and really provide "Real Help for Real People!". we offer very competitive rates for homeowners and businesses. I believe that a service is no good if people cannot afford it! 

"Dave Moses Technology Service, Inc. has assisted the Hollidaysburg Area Public Library for several years now with the purchase of new equipment, setting up of equipment, and the installation and updates of software. Dave Moses Technology Service has always placed the needs of the Library and the Hollidaysburg community first. Dave Moses and his employees directed us in getting equipment for the new library and did all that was necessary to install all. Prior to the new library, DMTech helped us keep the equipment we had up and running at its best, often serving the Library at no charge when technology services were required but no money was available in the budget. DMTech provides us with immediate, ongoing, and special services in a friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable manner. We appreciate all that DMTech has done for the Library and the Hollidaysburg Community over many years. Thank you! - Janet Eldred"

- Janet Eldred, Director Hollidaysburg Area Public Library

"Dave Moses from Dave Moses Technology runs a top notch computer servicing business. Our experience with his company has been outstanding. When we have a problem he is very prompt at resolving the issue either remotely or at the sight. He has also developed and installed networking at our business in perfect order. Both Dave and Nick are extremely knowledgeable in computer technology. I would recommend either experienced and friendly tech for your job." 

- Daniel Mock, Office Manager Longeneckers Equipment

Dr. Liang Bartkowiak

Altoona, Pa

Our office has been with Dave Moses Technology for more than 5 years now.  I have had many direct dealings with the people who work at this company during this time.  I am so glad that they are down to earth and not condescending even when our problems are very simple in their eyes.  They are more concerned about solving your problems than putting on airs.    They show up like a friendly neighbor when called about a problem and fill you in on the problem as well as the solution when they leave.  

Dr Julie Milanak

Altoona, Pa

Dave Moses Technology has serviced my company since the day we opened.  First of all they did a wonderful job of setting up my system and we have had very few problems. All of the issues we have had, had to do with some new update.  With these issues Dave and his staff were always willing to work around my schedule and knew when a problem was urgent and needed dealt with immediately vs one that could be scheduled.  He often talked me through issues over the phone.  His prices are very reasonable and he always offers a friendly smile.

Mike Snyder

Roaring Springs, Pa

Ahhhhhh- Computers! In today's world a must. Great when they work, a pain when they don't!

When technology issues arise our solution is Dave Moses Technology Services, accessible and affordable- Dave & Nick have always been available as friends- for a simple question, advisers for technology purchases, installers to put it together. Personal to "point of Sale", printing to programming, networking to new technology, our go to is Dave Moses Technology Services.

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"David Moses has become like family at our office.  Dave and Nick are  prompt, reliable and they have the expertise and knowledge base to keep our computer network  running smoothly.  They respond quickly to keep the occasional glitch to a minimum.  We are quite pleased with the decision that we made approximately two years ago to go with Dave's company."

Nathaniel Smith, Partner, GHSCOS Law-

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